Air Components


Flextech Industries


Established in 1988 to provide a unique alternative to existing metal bellows, expansion joint and flexible metal hose sources. Focusing on short lead times and manufacturing flexibility, we have become an industry leader. We specialize in the manufacturing of flexible piping and ducting products to handle thermal expansion, vibration and other movements. In addition, Flextech continues to expand markets for dampers and flow control components.

Our products are destined for customers throughout the world in varied industries, including: chemical and petrochemical, power generation, pulp and paper, steel, transportation, marine and a variety of OEM markets.

Your needs are priority at Flextech. With our head office and main manufacturing plant near Vancouver, B.C., along with service centers across Canada, Flextech has the resources to meet these unique needs. Custom manufacturing and engineering technology provides assured quality and consistency in all of our products while maintaining the shortest lead-times in the industry.

Customer service is more than just taking an order at Flextech. Our staff have the technical knowledge and ability to assist you with recommendations as well as product and component design for your application. From start to finish, you can count on us for innovative, reliable and quality solutions.



American Warming and Ventilating


Created in 1904, American Warming and Ventilating was created as a division of American Furnace and Foundry Company in Bloomington, Indiana. The company began as a regional contractor that installed gravity heating systems.

Their Industrial Division offers medium and Heavy-Duty Louvers, and Dampers for Marine, Tunnel, Gas and Nuclear Power and General Industrial markets



Nordfab Ducting


Nordfab introduced Quick-Fit ductwork in 1990. As well as being the originator, Nordfab is the industry leader, and the world’s largest supplier of clamp-together ducting for dust, mist, fume and smoke collection.

Nordfab currently owns and operates a 64,000 square-foot office and manufacturing facility in Thomasville, NC. More than 100 production, sales and customer support employees work at this facility. No direct competitor in the industry matches Nordfab’s investment in qualified employees, R&D or production technology. Nordfab is ISO compliant. For our dealers and their customers, this helps us provide even more dependable quality, service and delivery

A 24,000 square-foot duct fabrication facility in Reno, Nevada, ensures fast deliveries and helps minimize shipping costs in the western half of the US. Our west coast sales employees are also available until 8:00 EST to assist customers located in the eastern or central US.



RAE Corporation


Heat Transfer Coils.  With Stock Booster coils in 61 sizes and custom replacement our specialty, RAE Coils is an obvious choice for DX, ammonia, steam, steam distributing water, glycol and condenser coils.

Every day we look forward to meeting your technical needs, helping to solve your budget and delivery problems, and providing you with the product you deserve.

With a large range of sizes, a variety of fin thickness, tube thickness and material options, RAE Coils specializes in custom industrial replacement, commercial and OEM coils. We can duplicate virtually any type of coil regardless of size, age or origin. RAE Coils are among the industry’s most diverse. And as part of the RAE Corporation family of companies, we offer our customers the advantages that come from the resources of an industry-leading organization.